Google Ads – Paid Search

On Google, you can achieve a top ranking by helping your brand appear on the first page.

THE WAY UP’s Google Ads-Paid Search services create measurable campaigns that drive targeted traffic to your website to drive results fast.

If you combine paid search marketing with a strong SEO strategy, delivered search marketing provides an incredible return on investment. Businesses of all sizes can utilize Google Ads, an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) solution that can assist in achieving their search engine marketing goals.

From improving SEO performance and outranking your competitors to expanding brand awareness or entering new markets, the THE WAY UP team of experts in Lakeland will work with you to determine your objectives.

What will you get from THE WAY UP?


The team at THE WAY UP conducts comprehensive keyword research before beginning any Google Ads or PPC campaign, including monitoring the competition. To ensure that THE WAY UP consistently provides the best cost-per-click (CPC) for you, its team of experts uses various creative techniques and meticulous data analysis.

Full PPC Management

THE WAY UP manages every aspect of running a Google Ads campaign with its full PPC management service. In addition, it generates intelligent, well-executed ads that target Search, Display, and shopping tools. You can position your products and services more effectively with THE WAY UP PPC and Google Ad management services.


Using clever retargeting, you can present your prospective customers with bespoke and appealing ads after they have left your website. With intelligent retargeting ads, you can increase revenue and generate incredible results through timely and effective digital nudges.

Landing pages

Conversions shouldn’t be left up to chance! Using beautiful landing pages, THE WAY UP helps you drive traffic to search-engine-friendly pages that are attractive to consumers and search engines alike. THE WAY UP has a solid understanding of PPC and Google Ads marketing and understands how every element fits together.


THE WAY UP strives to deliver excellent results. Throughout its managed service, THE WAY UP keeps a close eye on your campaign’s performance to maximize ROI at all times. Besides regular reports on your PPC and Google Ads spend and results, you will receive insightful and bespoke notifications.


How you can make your Google Ads or PPC campaigns more effective. Would you like to learn more? THE WAY UP’s digital marketing specialists will analyze your accounts in detail, identifying immediate and practical steps to increase your ROI.

THE WAY UP can help you create an ad account from scratch, or restructure an existing campaign, so you get better results. THE WAY UP’s PPC management team has tried and actual PPC management experience across a wide range of industries. The company’s paid search strategy is based on strategic segmentation to maximize paid profitability for your business. THE WAY UP focuses on using quality scores to achieve maximum success.

THE WAY UP Services

THE WAY UP PPC management services include:

  • Keyword discovery and selection
  • Campaign and Ad group structure and creation
  • Geo-targeting
  • User segmentation
  • Negative keyword research and match
  • Landing page consultancy
  • Custom landing page creation
  • Full bid strategy
  • Ad text creation
  • Ad extension customization
  • And more…

THE WAY UP provides regular reporting that includes clicks, cost per click, conversions, phone calls, return on ad spend, and more, indicating how these metrics have changed from one month to the next. The program provides you with transparent budget and segmentation recommendations to make informed decisions and grow your business.

The Employee Owned Advantage

Employees at THE WAY UP are the most engaged in the business because they are all owners. It is known for its low employee turnover, high level of service, and continued innovation.